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Aims of the Church

Aim 1

We could be bigger than Scientology... if only we weren't so darned apathetic.

(comment deleted back in 2006[1])

Aim 2[2]

To disseminate the concept of Apathetic Agnosticism as widely as possible. Being apathetic on the question of a Supreme Being’s existence does not imply being apathetic about the concept.


  1. The deleted comment was an invitation to certain noted Scientologists to join us in return for ordination as Bishops. On reconsideration, we are not interested in attracting anyone who bought into and took a leading role in promoting such a ridiculous belief system. Other Scientologists who have not progressed through the command structure are welcome to reject the nonsense and join us.
  2. OK - military doctrine says you cannot have two aims; but, this ain't the Sally Ann![3]
  3. That's slang for Salvation Army - for the benefit of anyone for whom this is a dated cultural reference


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