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Our e-mail address changes frequently (one of several screening methods used to reduce spam and malicious viruses) and unless you are replying to a recently received message, it is probable that an old address is no longer valid. Please contact us via one of the forms below if you want to be sure your message is read.

We ask that you provide your correct email address when you contact us. If you are concerned about what we will do with your email address, be assured it will only be used to reply to your submission. Our privacy policy for your address is:

Submissions for publication are not limited to non-fiction and opinion. Fiction and poetry from an agnostic viewpoint is appropriate. Artwork including cartoons and comic strips, and multimedia files are also suitable for publication. If you have the talent, we invite you to help make this site more interesting and more appealing.

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You may use the form linked below to contact the Church with a brief message (2000 characters or up to approximately 300 words) on any issue. If you have more to say than that, then please prepare your comments in your preferred text processor and submit it as an attachment using our long article submission form further below. This is recommended as it retains your desired formatting

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No Reply or Acknowledgement Received?

I do my best to personally reply to all correspondence, even that consisting solely of gratuitous insults. But, I am human, and oversights do occur. If you do not receive a reply in a reasonable period, feel free to question the lack of response.

You too are human.[1] The major cause of no response is an incorrect email address. Sometimes this is a deliberate "error;" more often the problem arises out of simple keyboard errors.


  1. Admittedly an assumption. But to date, no confirmed[2] deity has contacted me, nor have any space aliens.
  2. Various anonymous correspondents have claimed to be God in consigning me to eternal damnation, but their IP address gives them away.