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Talk Back 148
An Enveloping Presence Everywhere:
The Logical and Unifying Science
Behind Life and All Religions
Chapter One

by: John Weiglhofer

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Right now you, me, everyone are Everywhere. We always were.

We are not bodies living on planet Earth. We never were.

We were never separate minds and separated organic beings. In reality we were always Everywhere as the conscious Awareness of our singular Mind and Presence that is the only thing that is. There simply is nothing else. There never was.

The Presence and Being of this singular Mind, of this Singularity, will always be our Presence and Being. We are Everywhere because It is Everywhere. It is Everywhere because Mind is the only entity that can conceive of “everywhere” and “everything” within “everywhere”. Conceived only within Mind, “everywhere” and “everything” can never leave this Mind and are all simply “made” of mental ideas be they bodies, concepts, relationships, planets, matter, forms, separations, colors, places, perceptions, emotions, etc.

And it is here where most people will argue about questioning the “reality” of the physical nature of the universe, their lives and their bodies. As an example, they will go on to “demonstrate” how can this table or chair be just an idea when I can bang my fist or my head on both and “really” see, feel and hear it?! The only thing that is “demonstrated” with this close-minded argument is our unfamiliarity with the infinite power of the only creative agent there ever was or ever will be - Mind, the Infinite, Celestial Mainframe of Everything and Everywhere. We do not realize that conceiving all the necessary and intricate ideas together to make a table and a chair and a banging fist and head to seem to be solid material things and substances is merely child’s play to this 900 pound creative gorilla that is the Singular, Mainframe Creator being revealed here.

In fact, this failure to detect this creative Mainframe of Life is quite surprising in our day and age considering how entrenched our culture presently is in the realm of virtual realities being ingested as movies, games and other computer-created entities. There was a very insightful quote by the character Joe Macmillan in an episode of the ACM TV series about early computer development called, Halt and Catch Fire. He said, “Computers are not the thing. They are the thing that gets us to the thing.” We are finally NOW getting to THE THING!!

We (a singular I AM actually) can conceive and perceive of forms, bodies, places and things, etc. but can never be confined to being these finite idea-things. We, I AM, Mind, the Mainframe, have no form and in this sense are Everywhere, for lack of a better term. This formless attribute cannot confine, locate, make finite nor constrain I AM in any way and this attribute is what defines our true nature and Life as an invisible, infinite, Creative Awareness that always Envelops Everywhere.


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