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Talk Back 141
U (The new religion)

by: David Roberts

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Prologue which will change your life

These short six pages are going to change the world; it is going to achieve this by plain talking and releasing the world’s population from the stereo typing of all previous religious beliefs!

People everywhere will throw away all superficial religious paraphernalia they have, or may be reading, quoting from and living their misguided life by after reading this!

The truth is going to be explained in these pages, the truth which will change the world and obviously your life, but for the better!

This new religion is not saying that people who have been revered and followed throughout history did not exist! But it is evident that their teachings have become distorted through the ages, either through misinterpretation of the original texts, and/or their stories have been retold and embellished by generations of scribes and scholars by translation into different languages and wistful memories of those who conveyed them verbally to the next generation throughout the years!

The new religion is not saying there isn’t a god! But the god of the existing religions does not exist! Continue reading to find out more about this new God.

These previous and existing religions are all dependant on the following issues. –

a) The creation of the Earth.

b) The creation of the human species.

c) Various stories regarding the afterlife, and how to achieve your existence in the afterlife!

The new religion will change your perception of those theories.

The new religion says that after you have read this short introduction, you will never view any of the old religions the same; why, you may ask is this a short introduction. The simple answer is that no more is required!

The majority of existing religious doctrines state that you ascend to Heaven when you die, or elsewhere if you have not led a perfect life!

Some religions believe that if you have led a good life (with Angels writing your good deeds in a book) you will be rewarded in heaven.

Others believe that they will sit with God in Heaven or that they will be reincarnated as either an animal or another person, there are many other alleged after life scenarios, but the list is too long and completely irrelevant to what the new religion will be telling you!

Can you imagine having someone following your every move and thought, throughout your life, writing down in a book all your good deeds and also your bad deeds, these will be weighed up when you die to see where you will spend eternity! How many billions of people are there on this planet, unless the angel is writing for more than one person there must be billions of angels writing these books!

If these Gods are for everyone, what do the angels write about for the poor and starving in many countries in the world? How do these impoverished persons make their way to this imaginary place called heaven when they die?

As you can begin to see, the more flexible you become in your thinking about these stories the reasoning becomes clear, it is utter nonsense!

Why were there religions?

Religious ideas were originally put together to attempt to provide an explanation regarding why we are here on this beautiful planet we choose to call the Earth!  From the moment that the first humans looked to the skies, they wanted and needed to know what the purpose of their existence was?

Unfortunately this yearning led to a frailty in the human makeup, this frailty has been exposed and exploited throughout history by people purporting to be Gods themselves, or persons pretending to be Gods leaders or preachers and prophets, this pretence was upheld through the centuries, because for a minority it gave power and for the majority it gave hope of an afterlife.

To maintain this power, all knowledge and ideology regarding the various religions were written down in large imposing books, but here was the problem, originally few people were able to read, therefore these wonderful books were able to be passed through the ages with great reverence by a minority elite, after all ‘knowledge is power’!

During this time only religious persons and scholars could read and write, so the masses could only listen to their individual religious leaders saying this book or this scripture tells you what to do and how to live your life, people wanted and needed to have this explanation, to give them a common purpose and solace in why they are here.

Therefore to enforce this idea of worshiping Gods or God, they were compulsorily encouraged to pray and seek guidance from those few who were deemed to be wiser and more well-informed about religion and the way that their lives should be run.

The principal was to keep people under control, and to further keep up the pretence of the all-seeing God was by frightening or shaming people into stating that if they did not believe or follow their teachings, it was deemed as sacrilege, which would bring all manner of retribution, therefore sitting with God in heaven will not be accessible to you! (Existing religions are very male dominated doctrines)

The current religions are all corrupt, they use all the previous stated ideology to continue the brainwashing of their followers; unfortunately this is to ensure that the life and luxury living of the heads of these religions can also continue unabated.

There are religious buildings that have so much gold adorning the walls and ceilings it is disconcerting; if their God existed he would not want all this gold presented in his name and glory!

Religions have maintained totally obscure and bizarre practices and praying rituals, in addition to cruelty to new born children and the suppression of sexes; once again if they had a God he would not approve of these strange and barbaric behaviours being carried out in his name!

The history of mankind is littered with battles and killings and exaltation of the various Gods, what the new religion is going to divulge and share with you is the only direction to take, to stop this madness and finally reveal what is going to change your life, and the life of everyone on this planet regarding this religion and the new God!

It is difficult to contemplate where all the problems and troubles in the world were originating from, such as war and famine, country battles against country, even countries fighting themselves; why was it happening, and how could it be avoided?

The new God is going to be revealed as not someone sitting in a cloud, or anyone to pray to several times a day, those times are gone! If you attempt to count the amount of people throughout history that have been slaughtered in their Gods name, it is unimaginable!

Therefore it is obvious that following these Gods was, and is a calamity, nearly every existing religion is steeped in violence and death!


The new religion is not going to explain about the origins of the Universe, Earth or humankind, because the creation of this planet and the universe is not something to be debated in this new religion.

But it is asking everyone to embrace this new doctrine of life which is about to be revealed, you will see why later!

If there was a creator for life, then he/she/it must have been created by someone or something prior to that occurring ad infinitum! This is for others to explain not the new religion!

But following on from that previous comment, the new religion state that if the creation of the universe and life on Earth is explained satisfactorily in the years to come, then it is pleased to welcome this information, but once again this is completely irrelevant to the new religion.

The new God is revealing to you that it needs no magnificent buildings to go and visit, or to pray in, it does not require followers to revere its words or even money to be paid to this God; why, you may ask, how is this a religion without these important issues?

Simply, this is because there are no buildings necessary to go to worship the new God, although there can be a union of like-minded persons wishing to discuss the success of their God in a common place! But no purpose built religious buildings are necessary!

There are no leaders in this religion because everyone is equal in the eyes of this God.

Money and donations are not required, after all what for? Previously it was just to keep the religious hierarchy comfortable in their lifestyles and gave them the opportunity to continue the charade of purporting the existence of their all-seeing, all knowing God and his angels with their notebooks to determine your eternal location in the afterlife!

There are no books or words to revere, because this new religion is not made up with stories from centuries ago, (has there ever been new stories?) this new religion does not need stories about its beginning, because the new God is the God who has been with us since the beginning of time, but nobody noticed or was aware of its presence, this is because all the various other religions were working overtime to oppress the masses by exposing their gullibility and willingness to believe!  

There are no set of rules to live by, once again it will appear abnormal to start with, but you know in your heart that the one and only redeeming factor is that you must not kill, because you are also killing that person's God.


But this God is more real and alive and believable than any other you have known!

If you carry out deeds which you know are bad, you can go nowhere or speak to no one to be forgiven, because other persons can’t tell you that you have been absolved of your sins, only you and your God can do this!

If you carry out deeds and thoughts which are kind; you do not need anybody to remind you and tell you this, you and your God will know, that is enough!

That is why you must live your life filled with honourable thoughts and deeds; there are many other religions with wonderful ideology and indications to how you should live your life, but the difference is that your new God allows you to be free to choose from any path, there is no one reprimanding you, but whatever path you take, there will be no hell with fire and brimstone, and there is no Heaven with angels and fluffy clouds to sit on!  


Do you remember what life was like before you were born? Actually you cannot, because you and your God did not exist; there is no pre-life, just like there is no after-life. It is important to remember this, but it is not terrible! it is just the way that nature has evolved for us, everything is born/lives/dies, everything goes through a cycle of life, and when that cycle is completed, your life is finished, you and your God will be gone, as previously stated, this is not terrible, but a way to ensure that you live your life listening to your God!

So who, or where, is this new God? And why should you follow it and not others, the reasoning behind this new doctrine is clear, other Gods have not saved the human race, in fact it is the opposite, the majority of the problems and troubles in this life today is caused by the teachings of the existing imaginary Gods, no mention of which ones, but they all have their part to play in the seemingly destruction of the human race.

The New Religion will eliminate all wars, death and suspicion of being overrun by other religions, this is the way forward and when the world embraces the new religion then the world will be enabled to progress once more into what is necessary to achieve peace and harmony encompassing all the human race!


The following doctrine will explain all that you have read in the previous pages and reveal to all, who is their new GOD?

This GOD is YOU! God is everywhere but emanates from your heart, you are the ‘One God’ no one else! This is what everybody has been trying to explain throughout history but no one has ever worked it out. Everybody on this planet is an individual, and each one has their own God in their heart!

Obviously there will be some people exalted by this revelation while others will be mortified by it, but if you stop and seriously think about these words, the realisation of their truth will come to you and the sense of freedom will astound you, no more worrying whether you are an atheist, agnostic or a member of the hundreds of religious bodies in this world, you can now believe of the real presence of a God. YOUR GOD which is U!

So a message to all the people reading this, go out and explain to friends and relatives, even strangers, there is a new religion, they are the God, their God is in their heart.

Wear badges, even put up banners, after all, this is your religion; it is you, the one God.

Remember to spread the word, the new religion to save the world is:-

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