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Discussion 1 to Talk Back 104
Your essay raises a question or two

by: kevs

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Julia Fernandes says in her essay, 'Talk Back 104: God, chips and a shampoo': "Among all the billion cares in the world, God made sure that one girl who is distraught at not getting her chips will find her favourite chips at the most unusual place. I am sure I did not pray, yet God provided. He answered a prayer that I never made!"

Hello Julia,

Thank you for your interesting essay. It seems to raise a question or two, which I'd like to explore in my reply.

You say that your god, from whom you did not request help at that particular time, provided you with banana chips and shampoo. In return, I ask you the following question: Where is your god when so many people in this world are hungry? Why is it that, however much those in dire need may pray to (presumably) the same deity, that food does not magically appear in their fields and shops and larders? Why do we hear, time and time again, about drought and starvation in Africa? Why does s/he not deliver banana chips to them?

Seen in this wider context, your deity seems to be remarkable in his/her choice of beneficiary. One human gets her banana chips and shampoo without so much as a "Please, God, let there be banana chips and shampoo", but the starving continue to starve. How exactly does your deity reveal her/his love for them?

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that shop had your favourite snack in stock and that your mother left you some shampoo. It just seems to me that to attribute these lucky coincidences to an omnipotent, omniscient and beneficent deity is to stretch credibility at the very least. And if it really was God that did this, why can't s/he provide food for the hungry, the homeless and the desperately poor of this world?