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Discussion 13 to Talk Back 88
If our bodies have design flaws, how come there are seven billion of us?

by: Michael Horn

To add to this exchange of views (or any other,) please use the Contact form. This discussion has been continued.

It is hard to believe that it has been almost three years since I have written back, sorry I meant to write back sooner but life has kept me busy. Let us continue our wonderful discussion.

First of all as a, “godist”, I would like to address the issue of the teachings of the bible not being a basis of morality. Do you really mean to tell me that Jesus Sermon on the Mount would not be a serious basis for morality, or the Ten Commandments? If you do not believe in the Bible that is fine; but I have always struggled with people who tell me that after reading Biblical words such as “Honor thy Father and Mother” or “Love thy neighbor as thy self”. Then turn around and say the Bible has no moral basis to stand on. I question if they are lying to me or deluding themselves to protect their own belief system. As for as the bibles advocating of child murder and slavery; I think I know what parts of the Bible you are speaking of such as the Conquest of Canaan by Joshua when God ordered the Jews to kill everyone including the children; and the words in the New Testament of “slaves obey your masters.” I would have liked to debate the meaning of these words but it would throw us off topic, so I won’t.

Secondly I would like to address the issue of my not understanding evolution. Just because I do not agree with you does not mean I do not understand the complex argument of evolution. I do understand it, but have found it lacking in many ways. And the older I get, and the more I study; I am finding it more and more lacking. As I have stated before, even if I was not a Christian; I’d have a hard time thinking a slime mold turned into a man.

Third, you say our bodies have appalling design flaws, if that was true how come there are seven billion of us on this planet, and we are getting more every year? Look at our Central Nervous System it’s a hundred times more complex than any computer I am aware of, and you say this was done by accident? Or take our ability to cool off by our own water absorbing the excess heat then releasing it into the air. It’s called an air condition unit a modern marvel; yet our bodies have it.

JT stated that the blow hole is evolutions worse design, and yet jackdaw states that:

Evolution is NOT random selection. Mutations are random. Survival is anything but random. Survival is anything but random. The selections are as a result of the unsuccessful creatures being unable to survive in their environment.

So the Blue Whale has been on our planet for year’s right? But their design is flawed. Shouldn’t they be like the saber tooth tiger, unable to survive? And yet, the only reason that Blue Wales are disappearing is because of mankind not evolution. It’s kind of like of what Agent Smith said about us to Morpheus in the Matrix. Mankind is a virus on the planet.

I have always believed this is because of our sin, and the destruction we bring to the world with it. In short we are designed not evolved, and we have fallen from God.

By the way I have to say this as an aside the Matrix was the coolest Sci-Fi movie made in the 1990’s, but the other two sequels were the worst piles of garbage ever made. I know this has nothing to do with our discussion but it had to be said.