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The Evidence is Still Lacking

by: Jasmine Taylor

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Well, after all that, I think your final comment sums up the reasons for our point of view nicely. That is, you said (in reference to your belief in a super intelligent being),

"I have chosen to refer to no books but to my own imagination and mind set."

Sorry, David, but that is no argument.  We here at UCTAA.com have come to our conclusions about the (non-)existence of god(s) due to our own observations of the evidence or lack thereof.  This is the only valid way to formulate a meaningful argument.  Basing your personal opinions and beliefs on your own 'imagination' is fine for you (go ahead), but please do not presume that anybody is obliged to agree with you. 

Secondly, what do mean when you say that the universe is "well organized"?  Compared to what? 

And further, if we were to draw up a list of "excellently well organised systems", how would they necessitate the existence of a super intelligent being?  The only thing necessitated in this scenario is the existence of the excellently organised systems.  This sounds like the old watchmaker argument, which is poor at best.

It seems you don't understand what the term "lack of evidence" means.  You probably shouldn't try to argue against it with an even larger lack of evidence.