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Talk Back 88
On accepting the existence of a "Super Intelligent Being"

by: David Mukisa

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I am interested in your statement of the lack of evidence of the existence of a supernatural being, "GOD" who holds all living people accountable. For the sake of a discussion of "No evidence for either the existence nor the non-existence of a supernatural being," please make no assumptions about my specific faith.

Let us assume that it is God's right to be silent and let people find the truth by themselves through seeking. Also assume that God chooses to watch us in silence while His eyes have a clear view through the thick darkness of any "future TIME", which we can only guess as we try to relate it to the "past TIME", through which we can look, marvel and question many events. One question sticks out in my mind: Is there any action we can take that can compel him to make some noise that he may be noticed or appreciated?

Does he who rears herds of animals have reason to fear of their thoughts of him? Does he not bother himself with their health, wellbeing and shelter today and in his own "future TIME", known to him alone, prepares a day of their slaughter? This without ever telling them. And yet his neighbours are happy for whatever he does to them, being his own.

It seems right to imagine that it takes an "Intelligent being" to achieve a "Well organised" world or universe. It is true that if one travelled far beyond our known civilisation and suddenly bumped into a house with toilets, kitchen, bathroom and a roof yet with nobody there, that would be enough for him to talk about the existence of some "Intelligent being" Think closely of the systems of the human body, the food on this planet in its variety, the unique Oxygen and the plant/animal exchanges such as the nitrogen cycle. You could draw up long list of excellently well organised systems such that the existence of what I will term a "SUPER INTELLIGENT BEING" ceases to be questioned. Rather the question should be "WHO IS HE?".

Who owns the mind behind these well organised systems? I have chosen to refer to no books but to my own imagination and mind set. If we get through with the acceptance of the necessity for the existence of "SUPER INTELLIGENT BEING," we may discuss His identity depending upon the same thought processes.