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Where does this proof lie?

by: Al Szczepek

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I had never heard of Perry Stone prior to this item, but if he has "proof" that God exists, I sure wanted to check him out as you suggested. I googled his name, and the first article I pulled up on him was a quote from a book he wrote titled "Plucking the Eagle's Wings."


In it, he claims to have been told by God in April of 1998 that:

"It is my will for the Governor of Texas to be the next President of the United States."

I was wondering if you know, by any chance, if God told him who he "wills" to be President next?

If he did, and he tells us now, maybe it will spare millions of Americans the nasty task of having to vote one into office....Sure would save some time and money...

Unfortunately, I have limited time to research, so I was hoping you could tell me, specifically, where Mr. Stone's proof is located? I am a heathen, an infidel damned to eternal suffering because I do not believe (seems a bit harsh to me as a punishment from an omnipotent God that made me that way, but who am I to question such a loving and merciful creator?) Please, tell me where this proof lies[2] so I may be saved.


  1. Link still working in Nov 2009, but expect it to disappear as Geocities has closed down.
  2. Editor's note: I do like Al's double entendre in the use of the word "lies".