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Discussion 2 to Talk Back 76
Too many faults

by Kaye Madison

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There are way too many faults in Joseph's long line of judgmental and arrogant summaries for me to even list, let alone address. Maarten van den Driest has properly addressed many of them, and I was quite gratified to read his amendments. After reading Joseph's Talk Back I find myself extremely annoyed by the factual manner in which he presents his conclusions, if they are his at all.

I agree with Driest that this article has a "copy and pasted" look about it. Joseph seems to present his judgments as fact, not as mere opinion or speculation. Constantly, he demands for people to re-examine their beliefs, or to look inside and evaluate their thoughts one by one, to question why we have "pretty birds and skies", why we have a system of morality... yet he does not offer sufficient justification of his own conclusions about different religions.

Without relent he provides ill-informed summaries of the faults of Judaism, Islam, Agnostics.... And they reveal an absolute lack of understanding. His judgments on them are evidence of that. Joseph puts a particularly disgusting spin on Buddhism, rendering both his analysis and his objectivity invalid.

There is always room for speculation, and there is always room for differences in opinion. But to blatantly claim the things Talk Back 76 did was beyond scholarly debate; it was downright inconsiderate and intolerant.

"Buddhism has degenerated into people kicking each other in the genitalia". Well Joseph. Have you been a Buddhist monk? Do you know exactly what they practise and why? In any case, what right do you have to state exactly which methods belong in the "stone age" and which methods don't?

Truth.... you talk about ultimate truth. Well, I have a truth of my own. It differs to a lot of people, but it is truth to me. That truth is this: Life is diversity. We are different. That is an inescapable fact. We are all stuck together on this little globe, and most of us have different belief systems. Since this is the case, we must learn tolerance and perhaps in Joseph's case, a little bit of humility. No-one has the right to pass judgment on other religions, except God himself, if there exists such a being. While I believe we all have the right to express our differences of belief, and commend the practise of it, I find conclusive judgments to be extremely narrow. Please be a little more tolerant, or perhaps a little more tactful.

To quote then words of the bible itself: "Do not judge others, and I will not judge you".