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Until evidence is available, any conclusion is solely based on belief.

by: Richard

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Interesting article. However, I disagree with it on several points:

"Be it because we are so unbelievably arrogant as to ultimately, all of us, and everyone to a person think that we cannot possibly exist in this temporary vessel were there not to be more later on. That this pinnacle of perfection can only be the product of a design based solely on intent and not by accident of selection by attrition."

Actually, I am quite happy believing that I can exist in this temporary vessel with nothing beyond it. I do not believe in the existence of a soul.

"Physiologically speaking there is no evidence in 4 billion years of existence (yes I am a believer in the fire and forget school of biblical creationism) that this planet has had ample opportunity to find some other heartier life form to surpass us as the dominant specie. Therefore only a supreme being and the favor he has bestowed can account for our very presence."

Euh-dinosaurs anyone? Had they not gone extinct I might still be small, furry and stupid.

"The outcome, to each and every hair on all of our respective heads was a foregone conclusion, free will not withstanding all philosophical debates, and there we are aren't we?"

Euh-any evidence for that?

"But if you are choosing there to be no God based on the evidence he has placed right before your eyes in the absence of all things made by man then you will be held accountable."

What evidence exactly?

"The debate in the end is made up by men"

Hmm, and you wrote just a few lines before that man has no influence whatsoever on how the world turns out. That all thoughts are from God.

"Apathy is a fencepost no intelligent person is allowed to sit upon indefinitely. It is a respite, a fence post for brief reflection between the world of men and the spirit of God. The operative word is brief."

Agnosticism is a fencepost to some. Apathy most certainly is not: it is a definite choice to let the issue rest in lack of any evidence for or against. Until evidence is available, any conclusion is solely based on belief. And that's exactly the thing that should never influence any conclusion.