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Discussion 2 to Talk Back 67
General Talk Back Criticism

by Mitch Wright

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Okay, I only read a few of the critical messages from various Christian psychos, and half of the ones I read claim God has proven his existence, or that they themselves have experienced God. One message said that the proof was in the Bible.

The Bible is hardly accurate. It is filled with 2000 year old accounts by people who claim to have "witnessed" the events. In that case, I suppose we should believe in dragons, huge sea monsters, and maybe some one eyed giants, and slutty Greek goddesses who cranked out a bunch of warriors. Okay, that's proof enough for me.

When has God ever proven his existence? And why are Christians of one persuasion so brutal to other forms of Christianity? A girl at my school; very Catholic, ignorant and racist, once said, referring to Protestants, "Yeah, I'd like to see what their problem was."

You all worship the same "God" and Jesus, and whoever else appears in the book thing you all love so much, so why all the hostility? Let people worship as they please and shut your trap saying we Agnostics are going to hell.

One Talk Back said "Jesus is coming back" Huh? It's taken him long enough. Maybe he got lost on the route, or AAA never got there.

Or, maybe you psychos have pissed off God and Jesus so much that they don't like you anymore. I feel if there is a heaven, which I don't believe there is, that good people get in. If you are a total ignorant, unappreciative, racist prick, but you follow "God's rules" why do you get into heaven? Yet the decent, caring, kind folk who don't necessarily follow the guidebook go to hell? Seems a bit skewed doesn't it?

In conclusion, let people believe what they want, and we won't have to argue about our beliefs.