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Discussion 1 to Talk Back 67
On why Benjamin Pakula's article got published

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Mr. Pakula:

I presume from your e-mail address that you are a university student. If you are a professor, I wish you best of luck in obtaining tenure.

I do like to publish opposing opinions in Talk Back. If you take the trouble to check out what others have written in this area, you will see most of the articles come from individuals who regrettably lack the ability or the interest to make a coherent argument. Publishing their articles undermines the very points they are trying to establish. Unfortunately, your submission falls in this category. You do yourself no credit. But publishing what you have to say suits my purpose in that it exposes the emptiness of much religious discourse.

I do like to publish intelligent articles in Talk Back which stimulate thought and which actively challenge agnostic ideas. I have published several such articles and am always looking for more. Should you be willing to submit a further article displaying the intellect of at least a high school student, I would be only too pleased to add it to the web site.

Best wishes