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Yes, Belief Came Before Disbelief.


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Mr. Delucchi

Please note - this is an agnostic web site, not an atheist one. There is a difference which most agnostics, at least, consider significant.

Regardless, to answer your specific opening question:

Why were there no atheists before?

Atheism has existed for better than 2500 years - something to which I would have thought that all your paeans to the supposed superiority of the wisdom of the ancients would have alerted you. And while agnosticism, as a term, was not invented until the nineteenth century, the concept can be tracked back to the ancient Greek philosopher, Protagoras.

Admittedly, belief in the gods had to exist before anyone could deny their existence. If gods had never been thought up by early humans through generalizing from earlier mystical concepts, the idea of atheism and agnosticism would not have been needed. We would all be truly agnostic, not only not knowing whether or not gods existed, but not even knowing that a concept such as a deity was possible.

Frankly, nothing of what you had to say beyond that opening question merits the effort of a response. (Though anyone is free to take it on.) It has all been said by you before in one or more of your many submissions, and has been thoroughly rebutted.