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Discussion 2 to Talk Back 55
It is only evolution that actively promotes a non-diety.

by Anthony DeLucchi

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Maarten van den Driest wrote:

"By the way, you focus on Evolution now, but this argument works in almost exactly the same way for any other Bible-Science debate."

Maarten, it is only evolution that actively promotes a non-diety, it is by and large only evolution which is the more modern of the sciences. The other disciplines have no absolute root of departure. I have no problem with astronomy, biology, mathematics, the physical sciences, anthropology, archaeology or any of the -ologies Strangely enough I do not have a major problem with evolution either, but when it is used for the sole purpose of "proving" the non-existence of God then it does itself an injustice.

Fair enough - one does not need to be a rocket scientist to understand that all life on earth is related. All life on this planet needs the same basic materials to exist, all life on this planet is made from the same base elements so therefore it is suffice to assume all life is one. Now this energy called life, what is this? I could take a blue print of our basic material needs but I could not "breathe" the energy of living into these elements. Even when we successfully clone living tissue we are just perpetuating this force we are not creating it we are not evolving it, we might be able to mutate similar living things but we cannot stimulate life from nothing and life does not "just happen"! You might or rather you will probably never concur and this is your prerogative. I agree things have to make sense and maybe evolution makes sense if you are happy with starting half way up the road, but we have to go to the very beginning and for me all I have that is anywhere near concrete is the ancient stories which most modern scholars brush off as myth, but Maarten, all Myth grew out of a truth no matter how much this has been coloured in by our ancestors. Even in exaggeration truth can be found!