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Discussion 2 to Talk Back 51
This God-stuff is not a fairytale

by Anthony DeLucchi

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Julia DiMauro wrote: "Nope, I'd answer that I don't believe in eternal afterlife to begin with, so it wouldn't make a difference whether you decided to tell me your fairy tale or not."

It is not whether it is true that God is, it is about us. How can we be so diverse, why can there be those who believe so utterly and then those who cannot even care to wonder?

We would possibly never agree, because you are absolute in your non-belief, whereas I try to be absolute within my belief. This God-stuff is not a fairytale, if only it were, would it not be easier? Then we could "choose" to believe it or not, it would be a harmless pastime like father Christmas and the Easter Bunny, we only need to believe it in order to bring joy to our loved ones. This stuff is unfortunately a bit more serious than this, we have no "choice", we never had a choice in the first place! I could wax on about the joys of belief, I could quote promises of the afterlife of never-ending bliss, but it is not a reward based option we have, it is not a trade off: you do this and god does that!

Sounds boring hey? Heard it before, probably by people more qualified than me to speak about it.

Let me put it this way, I am clumsy with words, I am not articulate enough to colour in the words so you can feel the picture and want to experience the adventure of God. You have heard the old line "the cheque is in the post"? Well believe it ...