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You don't have to prove... And you can't

by Maarten van den Driest

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In response to Mr. Delucchi:

In your post, you seem to be saying two things.

  1. The Biblical creation myth is more believable than the Evolution story, and
  2. You don't have to prove God's existence.

Under 1 you misrepresent Evolution theory. To my knowledge, no biologist has ever claimed we 'all at once' emerged from some cosmic soup. 'Survival of the fittest' means in no way that only one species should remain. It means that in any given situation, the species that is fittest, most adapted, to that situation will have the highest chance to procreate. (This seems obvious, the others die more often.)

Also, the perfect simplicity of our planet's orbit comes forth brilliantly from a very simple equation. Furthermore, the various orbits are nowhere perfect, a certain measure of chaos is involved.

In conclusion: The scientific view is extremely consistent with reality. There is no faith or special trick involved to be able to see its truth. Although the Biblical account is by default also consistent with reality, it doesn't explain anything at all. At no point can we ask further questions of the Genesis-account about why or how.

Pointedly, you ignore the second account in Genesis, which has a different order of things being created.

On 2) you are quite right: you don't have to prove God's existence. However, in all honesty, you should also admit that you don't have that proof. Therefore your belief in your God is not better that any other person's belief or non-belief. As long as you agree with me on that, I have no problem at all with your belief. May it give you wisdom to deal with this difficult world we live in.