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Permission to republish

Are yu kidding? I'd be delighted to have you post the piece. If I was going to join a group, it would one with your great name. Cheers, John

> Mr Horgan:


> I must say I really liked your "Keeping the Faith in My Doubt" in the
> New York Times, even though I am one of those who considers that we
> faithless really do need to organize, however loosely, to defend our
> right not to have the beliefs of others imposed upon us.


> If at all possible, I would like your permission to place this article
> on the www.ApatheticAgnostic.com <http://www.apatheticagnostic.com/>
> website.

> (About 10,000 members worldwide - which will probably dismay you.) I
> would link back to your website and mention your books if I get your
> permission to republish.

> Regardless of your reply - or non-reply - I did enjoy the article.


> Best wishes


> John Tyrrell

http://ApatheticAgnostic.com <http://apatheticagnostic.com/>