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Discussion 2 to Talk Back 47
Re: The Scientific Bridge to God.

by A. de Lucchi

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In answer to Teofilo Contreras, does it really matter if we are just figments of God's imagination, or if there be parallel universes or not? We live, we feel pain and joy, we breathe, we have a preset set of conditions in order to survive we are more than thought, we are more than energy.

Energy and thought are things that do not generate life as we are. We exist as whole beings, in all of the universe we occuppy space, we have grown into this space, from conception we have grown to fill a very definite space in this cosmological chaos that we call our world. We were not suddenly there!

Imagine what would have happened or the energy needed just to materialise out of thin air? We occuppy a definite space in a specific time frame within a larger structure which forms a part of a system of planets which revolves around a specific star all part of a greater galaxy...no I do not think we are accidental fancies of the gods, nor a co-incidental evolution from a cosmic glue to the cosmic zoo...We are not what we imagine, but we are very much what we have been told!