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A plea for a fair and balanced view...

Talk Back 46
You Are Not Agnostic / Neutral Enough

by Mathew

To open a discussion on this Talk Back article, please use the contact page to provide your comments.

To open a discussion on this article, please use the contact page to provide your comments.

It is my opinion that some of your Meditations on your website are not Agnostic / neutral enough. Some of them seem to be more in favor for the Free-thinkers side (which is good), but hypocritical if you are endorsing the meaning of Agnosticism. Let me an example - such as the Meditation "Is there a God?" which in my opinion is not displaying the methods of argument an Agnostic would use, rather it is more on the Christian-bashing side against the Bible god. The argument should be worded in a way that it leaves the meditator weighing a fair sum of facts as to whether the Bible-god does or does not exist. But to me this argument is not neutral enough and it would be wise you consider your other arguments as well - that they're not favoring a side more than the other. To me, this particular one mentioned above leans more on the side for atheism.

Shouldn't Agnostics consider themselves like judges who are weighing the evidence and pending all judgments - and shouldn't their deliveries / messages to the people be as fair and rational as possible. Such I feel should be the way of your Meditations - moreover, your Articles as well.

I guess, in history you had those who tried to improve the Christian church, I hope you take no offence of my opinion - the whole purpose for to make the site pure Agnostic / Rational / Democratic - not taking any sides.

Also I would like to add that your Meditations should be without any kind of attacks on groups, denominations or religions or religion itself, despite their irrational claims. I feel people are won over to beliefs through love. To win others over to our side we need to address the errors. Many good Christians follow this saying - God hates the crime but loves the criminal. We can learn from religions especially when they stress on morals - So.... we should hate irrational beliefs but love irrational people. This should also be seen clearly in your Articles and Meditations

Yours Respectfully,