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Discussion 2 to Talk Back 38
Thinking about god is no proof

by Teofilo Contreras

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Not up to the specific challenge, but I'll address the other one.

I can't say a thing about the existence of a human group that has not "invented", "discovered" or "being contacted" by a god or their god; because I am no expert on history (or anthropology perhaps).

However Margaret, talking, discussing and in general thinking about god is no proof of god's existence. If that was the case, then we could be absolutely certain that Batman exists.

I am sure that this is discussed in a lot more detail somewhere else in this web site, but since I haven't read extensively (yet) I decided to comment on this subject here, just for the sake of this particular thread of discussion.

And yes Batman does exist, but only as a fictional character, only in our imagination.

Whether god exists as a fictional character or as the origin of all there is, the visible and the invisible, the heavens and the earth, etc.; is still something we don't know and have, so far, not been able to demonstrate either way.