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Discussion 2 to Talk Back 35
Your doctrine doesn’t allow you to judge me.

by: Jason

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I was raised Baptist and have spent the last 19 years serving our country’s military. I have seen more of this world, from its natural beauty and wonder to all forms of devastation and faults of humanity. Somewhere along the way my life needed something. I felt emptiness within me. I began to almost feel an envy of those who had found “true faith”. Not just in God, but for those who felt that awesome fealty to ANY divine power. But where do I begin?

A preacher left me with extreme doubts as a child. But later in life I came to the realization that he was not a messenger of God or faith. But just a man. Another fault of humanity. Buddhism? Hindu? Islam? Christianity (in its many forms)? Who’s right? Who’s wrong? And who am I or anyone else to make that claim?

How can Christianity be the correct choice when it’s a thousand years newer than the others? Was everyone prior to Jesus, Paul and all the other apostles damned because no one knew of Christianity?

Maybe I should place my “faith” in man. Err, maybe not. Every doctrine of faith I have ever seen was written by what most of these doctrines show to be a common fault…man. Then revised and misinterpreted by another man. But there is one thing I find they all have in common. A basis of morality. A concept of right and wrong. An explanation that there is good and bad. Cause and effect. And all of these religions teach us to feel empathy for those that are less fortunate. All of these religions teach you of values and ideations already embedded in the human genome. When I wrong someone or I cheat, lie, steal, deceive or harm…I know it. I feel the remorse. When someone wrongs me, cheats, lies, steal, deceives or harms me, I feel that remorse again. When I help others, teach them or love them…I feel the warmth and satisfaction. When others help me, teach me and love me…I feel that gratitude and warmth. The same applies to the billions of people before me and will apply to the billions of people after me.

Were these values, ideations and feelings imbedded in me by divine intervention? By a Buddhist, Christian, Islamic, Hindu or even a deity from Greek Mythology? I don’t know. But what I do know is that these feelings, values and even fears…make up my moral compass. And I feel complete when I live my life by those simple things.

Will I be judged afterwards? I don’t know. But if I am, they will know I did my best with what was given and you can come fishing with me at my lake on the other side. If I’m not judged then maybe you can help me through it the next time around. If we vanish into nothingness then I guess our questions are moot to begin with.

I was just recently introduced to the Agnostic views/faith. I’m still investigating.

I don’t judge you. I can’t. I’m very happy you have found that faith. I hope it gives you a sense of completion. But please do not judge me because my “faith” lies elsewhere because you can’t. Your doctrine doesn’t allow you to.