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Re: The Paradox of God

by Anthony Delucchi

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In response to some of the stuff you ask.:

Could God create a stone so great that even he could not lift it?

Interesting concept, if you ask this question within the context of man and creation, but if you look at the entire universe then it seems ridiculous. Let us explore another popular misconception, if a tree falls in a forest and there is no ear to hear it does it make a noise?

The Cassini-Huygens lander lands on Titan, a silent world 3 billion miles away, and guess what, the scientists hear the air moving actually making a sound, that sound was there long before the lander got there and long before any ear could hear it! Back to the stone thing, it is inconcievable, God is not a "mad" scientist bent on outwitting himself we cannot even hope to comprehend the scope of God, God is not an individual although God is one, and it is not impossible to "know" God, besides the Christ answer most "reborn" christians might give, God is every single thing you see, everything you feel, everything.....as you see because of the presence of God, nothing, is actually an impossibility.

We must stop trying to outdo ourselves in our intellectual arguments because at the end of any debate all we have actually achieved is filling the air with a bit more carbon dioxide. On the other side we have no choices as some people seem to think, we have no option but to worship God, whether we want to or not that is the simplicity of it all, the building is on fire, you can jump if you wish, but why if the fireman is there with the safety harness why reject it?