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A Reply to Talk Back 32

by Michael Krause

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Your argument is not only extremely weak, but is also accentuated by incorrect grammar and non-existent spelling skills. I am not exactly sure what your argument is, but I have a few things to say about it. Firstly, assuming Jesus was even God (which I seriously doubt) you are saying he taught me how to use a computer. I beg to differ. I taught myself through years of learning how to master the use of computers. I did not require the use of an imaginary deity.

Then you go on to call the contents of this website "trash." This trash is the way agnostics like myself (and others) think, and is in fact the basis of the website. If you were in any way offended by it, you are at fault for visiting the website in the first place where it specifically states that you should click BACK on your browser if you know you are going to be offended.

We are not trying to pick apart Christians or any other religion for that matter. We are simply expressing the views that we follow, and are giving others who might also share agnostic views a place to visit.

And as far as the BAL (whatever that is) being in your court, give me scientific / empirical evidence that the holy ghost or any other of those characters exist (you can't), and you will then find that the ball (this is the correct spelling) is in MY (or shall I say our) court.