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Discussion 19 to Talk Back 26
They do not know what the truth is anymore.

by: Daniel Chavez

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To the last person who commented in this thread; this is about the oldest book in the world, not its contents.

The Bible has been manipulated from the beginning of time. Every time someone discovers a new text, it goes directly to the Catholic Church. They translate and publish what they want. They delete what we, the children, are not supposed to see.

The whole world is drunk from their lies and they do not know what the truth is anymore. But I will tell you what the truth is. God is a very powerful being and he has control of the Holy Ghost. If you read the Bible, all the miracles that happened, even those from Jesus, were done by the Holy Ghost.

So where did the power come from? If you read the Bible like a history book, you will be able to see.

Yes, God made the first few hundred people, but from then on, we reproduced ourselves. When God and his people left this world, he gave us a book of instructions called the LAW.  This book talked about God’s creation; not about the creation of all man because there were people on this world when he came here.

God is a government. Like any other, he allows bad things to happen and he does good to some people. He has lots of knowledge in medicine and DNA.

The Holy Ghost is how he communicates with us as if with a magic radar.

OK. This is probably too much for you to believe because you are drunk with lies.