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Discussion 1 on Talk Back 7
Possibly there's a Multiverse

by Luke

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In response to Talk Back 7, the Reverend mentioned the Universe and nothing being external to it. That may not necessarily be a correct observation. The latest discoveries are bordering on a "Multiverse", that is that our universe is not the only one, but one of infinite numbers. There is direct evidence to support this idea with the "Double-slit" experiment. The possibilities of this thinking is astounding, with the greatest scientific minds of our time now asking, are there other worlds like ours and other versions of ourselves in other dimensions? Einstien's quantum theories have laid the groundwork for these ideas decades ago, but every year we are learning something new about our surroundings, our origins, and our possible futures in our little corner. To choose to ignore these facts (and they are facts) because religion does not allow for it, would be damning ourselves to ignorance.