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Reflections on Ethics 102
Who is imposing their morality on others?

by: John Tyrrell

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The founder of the Domino's pizza chain, Tom Monaghan is suing the US federal government because new federal law requires employers to offer insurance including contraception coverage. Monaghan claims contraception is not health care but is "a gravely immoral practice."

Monaghan is a Catholic, and he is taking the same line as a number of American Catholic organizations who are also suing to be let out of covering for contraception. The claim tends to be that Catholic organizations and Catholic business owners are being forced to go against their morality and consciences.

But, no-one is requiring any of these people to practice contraception. Monaghan and his family will be free to have sex in whatever way they consider morally acceptable within their faith.

No-one is requiring any of Monaghan's employees to practice contraception.

The requirement is simply that contraception be part of the insurance coverage.

Use of contraception would be the employees' free choice to make in accordance with their own morality, not Monaghan's.

Imagine that Monaghan was a Jehovah's Witness, and he sued to demand that blood transfusions be eliminated from employee insurance plans because he regarded it as not health care but "a gravely immoral practice."

I think the lawsuit would get short shrift.

Imagine that Monaghan was in one of those idiotic Christian sects that reject all medical treatment in favour of prayer, and he sued to demand that medical treatment be eliminated from his employee insurance plans because he regarded medical treatment as not health care but "a gravely immoral practice."

I think the lawsuit would get extremely short shrift.

I can't say how the courts will end up deciding on this issue, but if they do decide in Monaghan's favour, they will be permitting him to impose his views on religion on his employees, and opening the door wide to the Jehovah's Witnesses, the Christian Scientists, and anyone else whose religious views place them at odds with current medical practices.


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