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Discussion 1 to Reflections on Ethics 58
Miracle Network Founder Resigns

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This week, Doctor Dick Dewart, the founder of the Miracle Network resigned.

Did he resign over the questionable... no, not questionable... rather the outright immoral fund-raising practices referred to in Reflection 58?

No. Televangelists seem to trip up on two major issues - money and sex. Dewart seems to have ridden out the financial issue. But, the sex... that is what brought him down.

He resigned because he was caught out having an affair. At least it was with a woman, which does not make his opposition to same-sex marriage entirely hypocritical. But, part of his reason for opposition to same-sex marriage is that it supposedly undermines heterosexual marriage. Unlike, of course, cheating on your spouse.[1]

I probably should not take such great joy in the downfall of this hypocrite, but I do.


  1. Strong sarcasm, if that's not clear.