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Discussion 3 to Reflections on Ethics 33
God either doesn't know or doesn't care

by George Ardell

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Sorry Joe and Tony, but I can't agree with either one of you.

Relying on god (any god) is out because god either doesn't know or doesn't care anything about morals. See my submission (Reflection 40) for further discussion.

As for humanity, what really is it that drives us to even think about being moral? Selfishness? If that is all, we can never become moral. I believe that true morality can only come from unselfishness -- a conscience. It is thus an individual thing and can't be controlled by either gods or man made laws. And neither can we unless we are at least a little unselfish to begin with.

Wouldn't you think that a god who wanted us to be moral could and would have created us that way? Assuming that there is a god who both created us and wants us to be moral.