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Discussion 2 to Reflections on Ethics 33
I Will Put My Faith in Humanity

by Clay Ellsworth

Re: Reflection 33

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Well Tony, I have to agree with Joe on this one.

His point was that whether we have religion or not it is possible to have morality in your life. God is not the answer, education is.

Belief in God does nothing except to take away faith in humanity. We simply need to start encouraging thought rather than blind faith. We can only evolve as a species through thought and personal reflection.

Forget placing your faith in God. Mankind's faith has been in God for too long. It is time that we restore faith in humanity and work together as members of humanity to make our world a better place. Faith in God has had its chance and has failed far too often. Faith in humanity only fails because of faith in God. It is the opinion that "without God we have no morals" that weakens the human condition.

We decide what is morally and ethically right, not God. I've personally never read religious doctrine or met God personally and I feel that I function just fine as a morally and ethically competent human being. The reason is because I strive to better myself through reflection and learning. That is what we need more of in the world, not blind faith.