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Discussion 2 to Reflections on Ethics 13
What's Natural? And What's Not

by JT

Re: Discussion to Reflection 13

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I'm not sure why you are taking issue with "natural." It would seem regardless of terminology, you agree with the position I take in opposing the use of "It’s not natural" as an argument against cloning.

But, I have no problem in differentiating between the natural, and the artificial, where artificial means, by my dictionary, "Made by human beings rather than occurring naturally.[1]"

You apparently want to suggest that anything that happens on planet Earth is natural, and that anything from outside Earth is unnatural. I'm sorry, but I disagree entirely. When the end comes due to a major comet impacting upon our planet, I assure you, it will be entirely natural, if undesirable If through the efforts of mankind, it is averted through timely use of the US atomic weapons stockpile, then however beneficial it may be, and however natural the atomic chain reaction, the exercise will be entirely artificial.



  1. A nitpicker could claim that this implies the normal method of human procreation is also artificial, but I would suggest that "occurring naturally" better describes the act