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Reflections on Ethics 9
The rights of the uncloned

By Fred Wickham

This article first appeared in the North Beach Irregular, an e-zine updated about every two weeks. Fred Wickham writes satirical plays and performance pieces. Some of his work can be performances can be viewed online at Writers Act

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Billions of times each day, DNA rich tissue is tossed into wastebaskets and dumpsters, or is simply left to degrade on tattered carpets.

Once again, pressure brought to bear by the enemies of life, is denying researchers the opportunity to bring churning new life into this world.

Is that nail clipping on the rec room floor a future Einstein? The pus from the lanced boil - is it a Thomas Watson to be? The tissue in the stainless steel bowl at the piercing salon - is that Joan Rivers, or Billy Graham? The world will never know.

These hapless strands of protein have had their futures obliterated. The life force in those cells has been cheated.

Oh, to be nurtured in solution, nudged in a petri dish, made viable, then implanted in a womb and ultimately given existence! But no. An arrogant society has failed in its spiritual mission. It willfully denies the breath of life to all but those born of sexual congress.

Right-to-lifers know how precious are the unborn. These soldiers of God must be outraged beyond belief to witness such a wasting of lives. Yes, to interfere with the uncloned is killing by omission - like Onan spilling his seed.

Cloning is life. Cloning denied, is life unlived.