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Discussion 2 to Reflections on Ethics 4
Morals then are changeable and flimsy.

by: Adam Sawyer

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A society is where lifeforms group together and make something that a single lifeform cannot. Morality is embraced and disposed of in human society over time. If you knew a person was intending to murder someone or thousands, it could be morally right to murder that person, thus making even the basic moral of not to murder hogwash. There can be no commandments or laws proposed through conscious thought that can be followed 100%. Not forgetting the murder of someone that is terminally ill and in pain that requested the act before they were unable to make the decision in the current moment.

Morals then are changeable and flimsy. Due to this, society has ebbed and flowed and humans have tried to devise methods to control society which always finds a hierarchy of power. Your morals will depend on your perception of reality. Extinction would be a failure of society but success cannot be known fully unless a concept is used. We survived without labelling morals which means probably they are merely self-serving concepts.

Knowing the purpose by creating a concept results in religion. Morals are inherent, changeable and essential but impossible to timelessly define.

Therefore although I have no way of knowing of a supreme creator I am open to the knowledge that I do not know where or how concepts can exist.