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Discussion 5 to the 10th Commandment
It is about greed

by Carrie

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I think the tenth commandment is about greed. Coveting your neighbor's goods (the wife thing being a thing of the times in which it was written) means you are not satisfied with what you already have. The wasteful consumption we see now may have be the very actions this commandment sought to prevent.

The coveting of what others have causes conspicuous consumption to the degree that humans have destroyed far too many of the planet's ecosystems in the quest to have more and more and more. Having more has not made us happier; instead there is a deep discontent because these things don't bring us contentment. This discontent makes us act out, sometimes violently towards others.

It also means we don’t think about the consequences of our actions. When we covet, we think only of the thing we covet, not of the consequences of the actions we do to get it. Perhaps this commandment sought to prevent this spiraling downward to negative consequences that coveting causes. Our planet and the fellow creatures that live on it would be a better place were human beings able to get control over this coveting thing.