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Discussion 2 to the 10th Commandment
A Reply to Kristin's Comment on the 10th Commandment

by John Tyrrell

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You certainly have a unique definition of covet in your message. The extension you give to its basic meaning (which is wanting someone else's possessions) does not appear in any of my dictionaries. If you are going to extend the meaning of covet to include actually taking the goods, then why is it necessary to have the 8th commandment? It seems to me you are making them say the same thing. (Unless your personal definition of stealing means taking other people's possessions that you DON'T want)

What you are doing is trying to do by inventing a new definition of covet is to make a totally ridiculous commandment into something almost reasonable (and I say almost - because listing a wife as property is still offensive.)

You say "even God knows we will want stuff," and that's EXACTLY the point. As the commandment is written and within the meanings of the words used, it is impossible to obey. And that is why it is this commandment was marked 0 / 10 for moral value - while the sensible "Thou shalt not steal" got a well deserved 10 / 10

Christians like to say "we are all sinners." Of course - given the tenth commandment, it is impossible to be otherwise.