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7-TH DAY SABBATH EASIEST COMMANDMENT TO KEEPDiscussion 3 to the 4th Commandment
The "Easiest" Commandment?

by: JT


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I can see why a Seventh Day Adventist church might use its signboard to remind passers-by why the name of their church is appropriate and indicate why they hold services Saturday morning rather than on Sunday. But still, is "Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy." the easiest commandment to keep? What was the pastor thinking when he had this message put up on his church sign?


Is it really easier to remember the sabbath than it is to refrain from killing another person? Not killing someone is something I've achieved with very little effort at all. And regardless of the carnage reported in the news the vast majority of other people manage to not kill others quite easily also.

Is it really easier to remember the sabbath than it is to not to commit adultery? I suppose some people experience the temptation frequently enough, but actually committing adultery does require a fair degree of effort, particularly if you have an interest in not getting caught. In my view, it is still easier to forget the sabbath than to commit adultery. Perhaps, unlike me, Seventh Day Adventists find committing adultery to be easier.

Is it really easier to remember the sabbath than it is to not steal? Some people do find it all too easy to steal. Taking advantage of the five-finger discount is almost a rite of passage for many teenagers. But most of us grow out of it. As adults we recognize the risk-reward ratio is not in our favour, and we are deterred. Not stealing becomes the default position and it is easier not to steal than it is to remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.

Is it really easier to remember the sabbath than it is to not bear false witness? Given our propensity to gossip, I'm prepared to admit this one may be a toss-up, or even concede the pastor may have a point here. But that's only one out of the four moral commandments. The other three, I suggest, are all easier to keep than remembering the sabbath and keeping it holy.

I won't go through the other five commandments the fourth is up against in detail - they have nothing to do with morality. But at least two of the five are much easier in my view.

Overall, this church sign is graded FAIL. The fourth commandment is not the easiest one to keep