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Ask the Patriarch 267
How do I find out who the Mormons have baptized?

from: S.

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Regarding the Certificate of Revocation of After Death Baptism on your Unbaptism website, I am aware of at least 2 of my relatives baptised in Death without family permission; my late husband & father- in-law.

Would you kindly advise what process is required to confirm what other deceased members of my devout Catholic relations have been baptised in Death.

My son is the only member of our family who is a member.

With sincere regards


The Patriarch replies:


I can understand your concerns, particularly as this issue is contrary to most of your family's deeply held religious beliefs.

If it is your son who is responsible for the baptism of your father and father-in-law, it is reasonable to assume that he has baptised pretty well all of your deceased ancestors that can be determined by genealogical research.

There is a genealogy website run by the LDS, FamilySearch.org. By using the "search" function -- which you can do anonymously -- you can determine if a person is in the database, and the source of the information. (For example, I determined that my own father was in their files, captured from immigration and steamship line files.) A name in their files does not necessarily establish after-death baptism, but if the source of the entry was through an LDS member, then baptism is quite probable.

To research further, you have to create an account on the site. I have not done this myself, but I understand if you do so, you are able to access fuller records, including whether or not baptism has been performed and at which Temple the ceremony was performed.

I hope this information is of assistance and that use of our unbaptismal forms helps put your mind at rest about your deceased ancestors.

Best wishes.

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