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Ask the Patriarch 263
What are your opinions on homosexuality?

from: Jerry Allen

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My name is Jerry Allen and I was doing a project on youtube and I was getting different views and opinions from different religions and I was wanting to know if I could ask you some questions about your agnosticism in regards to homosexuality and your beliefs on it.


Jerry Allen

and I hope you have a very blessed remainder of your week

The Patriarch replies:


I thought when I responded with a "go ahead and ask your questions," you would come back with something specific for me to address. Nevertheless, in the absence of those further questions, I will give you a general answer.

Note that I don't speak for all agnostics - the nature of agnosticism is that individuals form their own opinions, but I suspect most agnostics fall in the range of fairly tolerant to total acceptance of those with same-sex preferences.

As for myself and the position I tend to promote on this website, I consider what consenting adults do sexually between themselves is none of my damn business - and that applies to pretty well the full range of sexual behaviours.

And if consenting adults in long term-relationships wish to freely submit themselves to the nation's legal marriage framework, then that's their business too.

If a religion has rules against certain types of sexual behaviour, then I consider that religion has every right to require its members to comply completely with its rules. But, that religion has absolutely no right to demand or expect that non-followers of the religion let its rules govern their lives.


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