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Ask the Patriarch 250
Your church's views.

from: Madeleine

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Hello, my name is Madeleine. With respect & curiosity, I was wondering about your church's views.

I am a young woman very interested in different religions & like to hear opinions from different sides on various topics. Could you please respond with your church's views on gay marriage, abortion, & feminism.

Please include why you think so too. Thank you very much.

The Patriarch replies:


This church's overall view on morality is that it is up to the individual to make a personal decision. We try not to dictate morality. But we do provide a forum here to exchange views. The issues of abortion and same-sex marriage have been discussed. I'll provide some links to some of the discussion.


Same-Sex Marriage:


Feminism comes in so many hues that it is difficult to have a position on it. I think the closest I have come in addressing this issue was in answering this question:

Ask the Patriarch 63: The "Proper Place" for Women

The above references are not the only times these issues are discussed on the site. Please browse the site. You will find much of interest.