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Ask the Patriarch 248
Secular Recovery Programs

from: PF

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I am in recovery & in the program it is suggested we get a Higher Power or God of our understanding. I think I'm agnostic & am interested meeting other like minded folk in this situation.

The Patriarch replies:

Dear PF

Given your recovery program entails a belief in a Higher Power, it looks like it is based on AA's 12 step program - as are many recovery programs. Serious questions have been raised about the effectiveness of such programs as there is a shortage of properly conducted studies validating their claims.

There are alternatives. The following links should give a good sampling of what is available.

The Addiction Recovery Guide: Rational and Secular Programs

You'll find half a dozen good options here. Secular Organizations for Sobriety (SOS) is probably most like AA in format, but without a need for a higher power.

Secular, Non-Religious Alcohol and Drug Rehab Programs

This page briefly discusses medical options.

Secular Organizations for Sobriety (Wikipedia)

This wikipedia article provides some interesting background on SOS.

If these do not provide enough to help you find a secular path to recovery, then do a web search on secular recovery groups. There is help out there without having to claim belief in a higher power.

Best of luck with your path to recovery.