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Looking for opinions on FB blocking

from: SaraMWHB

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My brother and I have a Facebook relationship wherein we seem to antagonize each other - he being on the conservative right and me being a vile, irreligious leftist. I recently commented on one of his posts in a very sarcastic manner to the effect that the conservatives don't have to worry about the earth because the good father will provide his followers with everything they need.

Some other person on my brother's friend list jumped in and started to school me about my comments. We went back and forth, she of course, espousing her righteous christian view point while I, of course, espoused mine. At one point she claimed that she "knows me better than I can ever imagine" and knows that I need to find the lord and come to blah blah blah, become enlightened... blah blah blah. I thanked(!) her for her suggestion, told her I had been enlightened and signed off Namaste.

I don't know this person and I don't wish to engage in circular conversations with christians using me to earn heaven points by trying to tell me the best thing for me is to BELIEVE as they do. I blocked her. Was that cowardly? How would anyone out there have handled this type of person?

Thank you for your comments ~


The Patriarch replies:


I hope we get some opinions other than mine on this.

I don't view it as "cowardly" to use the block feature on Facebook. The feature is provided for a reason, and there is no point in allowing another person to annoy you, particularly in a fruitless discussion in which you know no minds are going to be changed.

Could you have handled it differently? Perhaps you could have told her the discussion was going nowhere and suggested you both drop it. Then if she persisted, block her.