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Ask the Patriarch 246
What's the point?

from: Anthony

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Honestly, what's the point of being an agnostic? We are ALL agnostics! Obviously we can't 100% know it.

Suggested Link Exchange: http://creationrealitytruth.blogspot.com*

The Patriarch replies:


I have trouble coming to grips with your question, particularly your assertion that "We are ALL agnostics!" and the Creation Science link you suggested to me. They seem at odds.

I agree that "Obviously we can't 100% know it." But so-called Creation Science does assert that we can know it. It treats the Bible as complete and utter truth. As another infamous Creation site has it, the answers are in Genesis. Thus creationists know. There is no uncertainty allowed there.

The point of being agnostic is to admit we do not know, to admit there are still things to learn, and even to admit there are things we might never learn.

The point of being agnostic is to innoculate ourselves against the lies, misinformation, and misinterpretation that sites such as your recommended link peddle as absolute truth.


* Link deliberately left dead. Anyone can cut-and-paste into a browser if they wish, but no point in raising the google rankings of nonsense.