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Ask the Patriarch 243
Psychic Link Exchange Request

from: My Psychic Advice

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I was browsing the web when i saw your site uctaa.net, and when i look at it, Enjoyed the content, would you mind if I offer you to have a link exchange site PR 3 (reciprocal link exchange - Page PR-2) with my site, here is our site http://www.mypsychicadvice.com/

Here is our site info

Title : psychic readings

URL : http://www.mypsychicadvice.com/

Description : Enjoy a complete site encompassing Online Live Free psychic readings .

Get link from http://www.mypsychicadvice.com/LinkPartnersList.aspx

If your interested make this link live and you can email us back with your site details, looking forward to grant my request. You can put link it anywhere close to homepage.


The Patriarch replies:

Thank you so much for my laugh of the day. Thank you so much for giving me another opportunity to cast ridicule on psychics. And thank you for giving me an opportunity to bring links to a number of my articles on psychics and their supposed powers together all in one place. But I have to ask - Are you insane? Surely someone with all their faculties would not make a request of me such as you have made.

I first wrote about psychics on this site back in 1999 with Meditation 06: Fearless Psychic Forecasts For 2000. Perhaps that was a little too subtle for you, but it was written as criticism of psychics and their predictions. Meditation 72: Psychic Predictions revisited continued with the same theme. And then with Meditation 314: Psychic Super Bowl I highlighted the abysmal failure of psychic predictions for a sporting event.

Do you see a theme here, My Psychic Advice? I am not in favour of psychics. I dislike psychics. I mock psychics. And I mocked them and disliked them even before I got on the psychic scammers' mailing list which gave me Meditation 503: Psychic Scam, and the discussions which followed.

In Meditation 503, I made the following statement:

...I believe that there are two types of psychics.

  1. There are those who are deluded and genuinely believe they are psychics. Their occasional successes feed their delusion and they unconsciously ignore their failures.
  2. There are those who knowingly run a scam.

Nothing has occurred to change my mind since then. I still consider those identifying themselves as psychic to be either deluded or scammers. And you actually thought I might consider a link exchange with something called My Psychic Advice!

If that's not enough to convince you of my feelings about psychics, consider Meditation 504: Carr Does It Again - twice on the same day. and the follow-on discussions which was followed by Meditation 523: Skye Alexander's Predictions for 2006, and then by Meditation 577: A contemptible "psychic".

I do note that your terms and conditions indicate that your services are for entertainment purposes only, at least in those countries where you have to cover your psychic ass from legal action. I guess Meditation 708:
Imaginary Psychic Visions Have Real Effects
provides good and sufficient reason why you would feel this disclaimer to be necessary. People who believe in psychics can get hurt. But, in my opinion, "For entertainment purposes only" should be the very first words on every page of your site in a large font rather than buried in a pop-up that a visitor has to go looking for.

The articles and discussion I have mentioned above are not a complete list of references to so-called psychic powers on this web site. There are probably enough mentions that this site may fall somewhere in the top few thousand in a web search. I suspect, using absolutely none of my own imaginary psychic power, such a web search may be why you wrote to me. But, even with the total failure of your psychic powers to identify my negative attitude to you and your ilk, the content of the site should have alerted you had you had bothered to read it. Not only were you not psychic on this issue, you apparently lacked the basic cold reading talents to note the obvious clues which would alert you to the situation. As far as I am concerned, My Psychic Advice seems to be nothing more than a scheme to get the gullible to part with their money.

Frankly, I would be embarrassed if you listed this site as one of your "Link Partners." If you were to do so, I suggest:

Apathetic Agnostic Church: despises, exposes and mocks psychics.