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Ask the Patriarch 236
I'd like an honorary doctorate

from: Rev. Dr. YN , D. D.

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Dear Sirs,

I wish for asking the Honorary Doctorate from your Seminary, thanks

In Christ,

Rev. Dr. YN , D. D.*
Director & Assistant Professor, Bold Christian University
Senior Pastor, Agape Church

and further, in a request for ordination...

I'm willing for service God as your staff of " Advisor "

The Patriarch replies:

Dear Dr. YN

First of all, thank you for the two articles you submitted which were published as Talk Back 100 & 101 today. While I'm not completely clear on what you were saying - probably because you were writing in your second language - I do appreciate you taking the time to provide your thoughts.

I am not sure why you are seeking documentation from the Apathetic Agnostic Church and from IUN. You already seem to have all the qualifications you can possibly need.


As you are already ordained, additional ordination serves no useful purpose, particularly in a religious perspective you do not hold. And while the offer is appreciated, the Apathetic Agnostic Church has no need for a Christian "Advisor." No further action will be taken on your ordination application.


IUN is not in the practice of issuing honorary doctorates. The Church and the University both prefer that any doctorates we award - and we do not award very many - be earned. Fortunately, there are several available opportunities from challenges we have issued in the past. You'll find the requirements in the articles (or in the footnotes to the articles) listed below. Read carefully so you know what is expected.

If you choose to take one of the challenges, please be original - there is no point in repeating the arguments already submitted in the discussion section for each of the challenges. Also, please be clear using proper grammatical sentence structure. And take your time and get what you want to say right. There's no need to rush - the website is not due for another update for a month due to travel. And do note: regardless of how many challenges you might successfully choose to take on, only one doctorate will be awarded.



* Full name deleted throughout site by request of "YN" - Apr 2012