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Ask the Patriarch 235
2012 and World's End

from: Trisha

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Hello my name is Trisha and I am in a religions class in college and I was wondering what your religion thought of the recent talk of the world ending in 2012. If you don't believe this when do you think the world will end?

Your help is much appreciated, thank you.

The Patriarch replies:


First a one word answer: Nonsense!

Now, let's expand on that. I am aware currently of only one "religion" that is predicting the world ending in 2012, and that is the cult following of Robert Weinland, one of the successors to Herbert W. Armstrong and his Worldwide Church of God.

You can see what I've written about his ridiculous prophesies in Mark May 28 2012 on your Calendar and in And the messenger system is still not working. In summary it is nonsense. Weinland's prophesy has as much basis in reality as does Harold Camping's, whose prophecy has the world ending in May 2011 - that's this year. (But first, mark May 21, 2011 on your calendar.) More nonsense. But no more nonsensical than the Christian Identity website (virulently racist and anti-Semitic, so link not provided) I found about a month ago which had the world ending in November 2010. All of these clowns claiming to be Christians based their prophecies on the Bible - and they all came up with different dates. They are all wrong.

I've said before on this site in various ways, and I'll say it once more: countless predictions of the imminent end of the world have been made based on the Bible for nearly 2000 years and they have one thing in common - every prediction has been wrong. There is no reason to expect that this chain of failure is going to be broken any time soon. For more on such Biblical prophecies, I suggest Apocalypse Now? A Christian Understanding of the End Times.

Now, perhaps you are not really asking about religious prediction for 2012, but rather about the foolishness surrounding the so-called Mayan prophecy - actually a non-existent prophecy recently invented. 2012 and all that crap, Belief in a 2012 Apocalypse can make you crazy, and Neil Degrasse Tyson debunks 2012 are some of the views presented on this site about that fake Mayan prophecy. Off site, I recommend from Slate 2012: Tsunami of Stupidity and from Skeptic A NASA Scientist Answers the Top 20 Questions About 2012.

You ask my opinion of the world's end. Possibly in 3 billion years when the Andromeda galaxy collides with the Milky Way, or if the world survives that, then when our Sun runs out of hydrogen in about 5 billion years. These are forecasts that there is no need to lose any sleep over.