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Ask the Patriarch 225
A proposal for a teen site

from: Dean

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I'm a teenager (16) and have been an avid follower of the content of this website for some time.

I am (rather than the writers of some ATP questions who say "they believe" they are) an Apathetic Agnostic. I am also a member of the UCTAA.

I've noticed that many of the questions in ATP are from teenagers, some perhaps for school projects, some maybe because they are trying to address their concerns about religion, maybe some trying to cope with their family not accepting the fact that they are an Apathetic Agnostic (or for that matter, simply an Agnostic, or a "non-believer"), some who need help trying to "come out" with their newfound (or perhaps longtime) philosophical belief (as this is a philosophical belief, rather than a religious belief, or a "faith") with their family/friends, etc.

I am writing to you to get your feedback on an idea that I have. What if the UCTAA had some kind of separate but affiliated branch that specifically addressed the concerns of teenagers? 

By branch, I mean, a separate category on the site, or a separate site all together. And I understand (as addressed in past ATPs) that you do not have the time to do such a thing, and I would volunteer my time to undertake such an endeavor. By volunteering my time, I mean, I would update it weekly (or more often than that) and basically run the thing by myself, with general advice/help from you (e.g. if there were  a question that I could not answer, but addressing a legitimate concern or something that is noteworthy,  I would ask you for help in answering the question).

Perhaps you might be concerned about what I mean by affiliation.

My response to that above thought is simple. Affiliation would be little more than a cross-linking the two web sites, your occasional advice and perhaps use of the UCTAA logo. I do not want this to be totally independent, as I would like UCTAA to be reflected in the site name, but I would like to be able to also address a wider audience such as the broader category of teenage freethinkers.

I also understand your concern with the financial issues associated with putting up the site, i.e., hosting, domain name, etc. If this site was to be created, I will assume all responsibility for all the financial issues.

I also understand that you enjoy humor, and after reading this email, you may need a break (LOL), so I leave you with the following sarcastic send off:

"God bless you!"


The Patriarch replies:


Of course you have my support for this idea.

You may have taken on a lot of work for yourself, but it can be quite rewarding.

Once you are set to go, links will be added to this site, and notifications posted on the UCTAA message boards.

I wish you all the best with this endeavour.