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Ask the Patriarch 221
What do you think of all these sex scandals?

from: David S

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Everyday there seems to be another sex scandal in the news involving a preacher, politician or celebrity. I know some of it is elements of the Tiger woods situation being recycled, but he is not the only one. My own congressman just resigned after his affair became public and it goes on and on and on.

What do you think about this? Is it an increasing problem in society?

The Patriarch replies:


I don't know that this is an increasing problem in society - other than our endless fascination with it. We seem to really like to hear about other people getting caught out.

But it's not new. Those possessing one or more of power, wealth, fame, and good looks have throughout history got more than their fair share of sexual rewards. It's not just in humans, the same seems to apply in much of the animal kingdom. It's part of our evolutionary heritage.

That's not to say it is right. I think people should honour their marriage vows. But, their obligation is to their spouse, and not necessarily to society in general. I think in most cases we would be better off if the whole matter was dealt with privately between the two spouses rather than going through the public apology ritual.

In most cases. But, where the cheating spouse has been publicly involved in promoting the so-called family values agenda, they deserve to have their hypocrisy exposed.

You mention that your congressman just resigned. Perhaps whis was Mark Souder whose affair with a female staff member was recently exposed. And the pair had made a video together promoting abstinence. He deserved to be publicly exposed.

Or consider Dr. George Rekers who has been a major figure in the Christian movement which preaches that gays can be converted to straight. He's a retired professor of neuropsychiatry and behavioral science, and founder of the Family Research Council. He claims gays can be cured. To hire someone to "carry his luggage" on a ten-day trip to Europe, he went to a web site called Rentboy.

The lying hypocrite knows first-hand that gays can't be cured. He too deserved to be publicly exposed.

Remember - most sex scandals make the news because they may titillate our prurient interests. But some scandals do say more about the individual than simply identify them as a marital cheater. And those, I think, are more morally instructive.