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Ask the Patriarch 213
Agnostic Culture

from: Amelia

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I am an LVN student in college and I have to do a trans-cultural project.

I need to know things about your religion, how you feel about marriage, who it is performed by, foods that are liked and maybe forbidden, childbirth and how you view that, modern medicine or home remedies. You know things that society may or may not know about Agnostics as a culture.

If someone would be willing to get back to me and answer some of my questions I would really appreciate that. Thank you for your time.

The Patriarch replies:


There is no such thing as an Agnostic culture. Agnostics have a wide variety of backgrounds, and other than embracing a common idea about the existence (or lack thereof) of a god, there is little that unites us besides our common humanity.

However, we do like to think we are more rational than other people, but that's not always the case.

But let's consider your specific areas:

For more information about agnosticism, you might want to look under the FAQ section on the site's main page under the category "School Projects on Agnosticism."