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from: The Reverend Chuck Moreland

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Good Morning most humble and Grand Patriarch!

I thought that might be over the top, but I figure people will give such credit to supposed leaders teaching fairy tales and talking to mystical deities in the sky... really you deserve it more for providing free thinkers with a place to express their non-belief!

Ok... now that you should be properly buttered up, lets roll with the questions. :-)

I have been a proud Reverend of the UCTAA since 2007. I started, as the church did, with the idea it is was fun and amusing. However I have grown over the years to accept my Agnostic Non-Faith as not just a side joke, but as a way of life.

In the interest of spreading the Non-Word I would like to start up a podcast (as I am sure you noticed on the Forums). Of course you gave support there, but I also wanted to create a website representing the Washington and Oregon State agnostics. Are there guidelines or rules around the creation of a new group and websites?

The goal would be to create a place and hopefully to start local groups for Agnostics to chat and gain support.

Thank you for your wise and concerned consideration. I await your most gracious response.

Minister Chuck Moreland
Washougal, WA Branch

The Patriarch replies:

Reverend Chuck:

You will see I have put a notice about your planned podcast elsewhere.

As to individuals setting up their own web sites to promote Apathetic Agnosticism... well, there are no rules, nor do I expect to develop any.

The following are just suggestions and guidelines:

  1. Let me know the url once the site has content so I can add it to the links section.
  2. If you "borrow" material from the main site, give credit and a link back to the original. You don't have to ask for permission in advance.
  3. If your site generates any interesting material / discussions which might be of interest to a wider audience, then consider submitting it here for publication. Appropriate credit and a link back will be provided.
  4. I do like variations of the "churchlight" (modified as you might see appropriate for your site) as a unifying element for Apathetic Agnostic sites. The one below is probably the best available version to use as a starting point.

Best of luck with your web site.


UCTAA Churchlight