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Ask the Patriarch 208
Bible verses that contradict zealots

from: Jason Allen

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As I am apathetic and unwilling to research the bible, I would like to see a resource of bible verses that contradict the actions of current zealots.

I personally like the phrase "no man knows the mind of God". It works well in a debate when the aggressor is claiming to have priveleged knowledge about upcoming events in human developments.

Just a suggestion

Thanks, Jason.

The Patriarch replies:


I agree that a resource of verses from any scriptural tradition that contradicts the actions or words of followers of any particular religion would be useful.

I think there are several sites out there which have already done this sort of thing.

If anyone would care to compile a list of applicable links, or a list of verses, then I would be quite happy to publish it.

In this line of thought, I would point you to Ed Babinski's lengthy and well researched article dealing with the Bible's apocalyptic verses, published here this week as Meditation 801.